3 Ways to Invite Friends to Kapsule

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January 25, 2023
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Like most social networks, they’re better with Friends. Kapsule is no different. Whether you’re a casual Kapsuler, or a frequent Kapsuler, some of the best memories are with your friends. Encapsulate them for the future.

In this blog post we share 3 ways to invite friends to Kapsule. 

Individual email invites

If you want to invite a couple of friends to Kapsule, the easiest way is to send them a personalized invitation. 

Simply go to the friends page in the app, click on invite, and type in your friend’s email address. 

Enter your friend's email and click Invite
Success! You invited a friend to Kapsule

Import your phone contacts

We recently launched a new feature that allows users to import your phone contacts and invite multiple friends with just 1 click. Visit the friends page and click on the invite tab and click on "invite your phone contacts".

Invite your phone contacts

Open up your phone settings.

Open settings

Grant Kapsule permission to access your phone contacts.

Allow access to contacts

That’s it! Your phone contacts are imported.

Now you just have to click on the invite button next to the friends you want to invite.

Click on invite next to the friends you want to invite

Share your QR Code (aka your KapCode)

Have you registered your Kapsule username yet? If not, you’re missing out on another feature - you’re Kapsule QR code. (aka your KapCode). Simply register your username and Kapsule will create a public profile and generate a QR code that you can share with your friends. Share your KapCode with friends, and they can scan it and connect with you on Kapsule.

Share you KapCode

Why invite friends?

We’ll be releasing new features in the coming months that will only be available to friends connected in the app. So you’ll want to invite your friends to download and install Kapsule.

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