How to Record a Kapsule

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December 21, 2022
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Here is a short step by step guide on how to record a Kapsule.

Step 1

Click on the floating action button anywhere with the app

Click the Create Kapsule button

Step 2

Select the type of Kapsule you want to create

  • An Email Address: perfect for recipients that may not be on the app yet
  • Your Future Self: great for goal personal setting 
  • A Friend: existing users you’ve already connected with in-app
  • A random person in the future: send a Kapsule to a random user based on demographic information such as language, country, age, gender.
4 different types of Kapsules to create

We’ll dive into each of these in more detail in an upcoming blog post. But for now, let’s go ahead and create a Kapsule to an email address.

Step 3

Click record

Click Record

The record button will show a success message when the Kapsule is done uploading.

Step 4

Enter an email address and the first name of the recipient.

Enter the email & first name of the recipient

Step 5 (optional)

Leave a message. This is optional and will only show to the recipient upon delivery.

Type in a message (optional)

Step 6

Schedule the Kapsule to be delivered at a date in the future.

Pick the date you want the Kapsule delivered

Step 7

Review and confirm.

Double check everything looks good

Step 8

Click schedule!

Success! Your Kapsule has been scheduled!

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